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About Authentic 8 Advertising

What we are all about

We are a Dubai based advertising company innovating the U.A.E market with a direct access to the communities. We are experts in terms of advertising bringing you the most innovative ideas in the market to ensure maximum market exposure.+


To provide a successful advertisement for every business. We believe the success of your business is our success.


We always look forward for innovative methods to improve our way of advertising.  ​Our aim is to be recognized as one of the leading advertising companies in the Middle East. 

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The Team

Rey la Paz

Rey la Paz

My name is Rey Christian La Paz, but most people know me as King and I’m a Graphic Designer. I took up Multimedia Arts at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde In Manila. There I was introduced to all types and elements of art and design. From traditional to modern, freehand to digital. Eventually I realized that what I really wanted to go for is Graphic Design.

I graduated in year 2011 and started applying for a job right away. Luckily, I was hired by a start-up advertising agency after a few months of job hunting. During my stay, there I learnt how the actual work flow is supposed to be and how important it is to be able to properly lay-out all the elements of a design. I learnt that it’s not only about how good your design is, but also how well you present a design to your target audience.

After a year and a half in as ad agency, I decided to go to a corporate office where I would be an in-house graphic designer. Electrolux. There I learnt to design everything based on my taste and preference since I was the only designer. It was hard at first because I had a lot of work load in terms of design but I got used to it and everything went good.


By 2015 I came to Dubai to try and look for a job. I was able to land a job at White Label Media, A PR and Design firm based in Al Barsha. There I learnt how to do more of the PR side of designing, especially social media designs.

Eventually I decided to leave the company and go for something different than PR related designs. Then I got here.

Rey la Paz

Thulasi Mohanram

Hi There! I am Thulasi Mohanram. I moved to Dubai in mid-2016. I never really knew how to be on my own but since I left home (Srilanka), living alone taught me many minute things and it gave me a lot of self-confidence and self-respect

My Educational background is BSC Honours in Business & Management from University of London. Launched my career in the events industry in Sri Lanka and later moved to Dubai and joined another events firm. Six months later the same team built Authentic8 Advertising- providing a successful advertising for every business. I am glad I was part of it.

Day to day I am learning a lot of brands/companies from each industry and I am able to relate their existence in any neighbourhood.

In my free time I love to craft, especially homemade cards. I also sketch, not a pro but I am getting there! I also spend my weekends cooking/trying new recipes and playing badminton.

I love to learn lots of languages - Till now I can speak English, Tamil Sinhala fluently and French Partially.

‘’ Be Kind to one another’’

Rey la Paz

Rachelle Soufan

I was born in Lebanon and shortly after that I moved to Sierra Leone in Africa where I lived for most of my childhood. Eventually, at the beginning of my teen years I moved back to Lebanon where I attended school for 2 years before moving to the United Arab Emirates where I continued my studies and graduated high school. Shortly after my graduation I moved to London where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance as well as my Master’s degree in management and marketing which I completed in 2012.

In 2014 I moved back to the UAE and started up my own business in building materials alongside my father which I decided to stop in order to pursue my passion of events planning and organizing.

I have many hobbies, some of which are swimming, cooking, painting and travelling around the world. I also like to read.

Anything related to art and includes creativity comes at the top of my list of things I love to do, which is why event planning is something I am passionate about.

I am known to be good at multitasking and great at time management. I tend to finish any task given to me on time and sometimes before the deadline. I am also a very social person and love to be around people and learn different and new things on a daily basis.

Rey la Paz

Abdelrahman Rashwan

Born in Cairo, Egypt and raised in Dubai. My entire life revolved around this city in every aspect.

I’ve got a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality management (Emirates Academy) and a Diploma in Tourism (Middlesex University).

After Graduation all I could think of is pursuing my career in the hospitality field, I was hired 1 month after graduation by Radisson Royal Hotel – Dubai and worked there in the sales and marketing department.

Working on budgets worth hundreds of millions and seeing massive investments in all fields , I have started to wonder the potentials in this city and this was what motivated me to start my own business.

I have started an Events Company back in 2014 and its working great so far and I’m pretty happy with the results it has achieved through out the years however through out this period I realised that Dubai does not simply need another company to compete with the hundreds of competition in the market.

Dubai is a city of innovation and its very challenging to gain a place in the market where a start up can stand out, therefor My team and I spent roughly 3 month on developing this idea of Authentic-8 Door coupons and how we can create a product with a limitless market of Potentials.

We offer to the entire city an affordable advertisement option that targets the entire city right at their doorstep, as well as we handle their media campaigns to guarantee their reach to their target audience.

We founded Authentic-8 Advertising in January 2017 and have achieved remarkable results within the first 2 quarters. I have very high expectations for this company and the team behind it.

Office 16c5, I-rise Tower, Hessa St,

Barsha Heights- Al Barsha- Dubai


04 457 9007